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Tue, Mar 20, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
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Added Mar 20 2018

By Generosity/Donation Only with a free text by the Dalai Lama

Begin your New Year in a deeply meaningful way and explore the Foundations of Buddhism and Stages to Enlightenment on the Buddhist path. Our online program begins January 9th 2018 To reserve your space sign up here:

This class series is a deeply contemplative and experiential learning course. Each class builds progressively on the other and has study, contemplation and meditation components. About Mindfulness Meditation Centers:

MMC was originally established by Ven. Chokyi Dhakpa (Michael Gregory) and other qualified teachers and advanced meditation practitioners.

The Center is staffed by volunteers and offers a wide range of programs, classes and retreats for contemplatives of all levels, from beginning to advanced. All are welcome, our classes and retreats are offered without charge, and our teachers are well trained and experienced in classical Buddhist traditions. The purpose of the Center is to provide a thorough, accurate Buddhist education to anyone interested.

The Mindfulness Meditation Center community offers a six-year Formal Study Program that condenses the essence of a monastic education into a series of Formal Study Courses with the stated goal of training the next generation of Western Buddhist teachers. The Courses may also be audited for those who wish to participate, but not engage in the teacher training.

The teachers that MMC has trained during the last eighteen years continue to share and offer classes and retreats to a wide audience. For more information regarding our offerings please click on:


How to find us:Lots of free street parking. Walk down the ramp: someone will greet you in the lounge area and direct you down the hall toward the DTC conference room.

Posted to Enterprise Coworking (3000 Lawrence St)

This event was posted to Enterprise Coworking (3000 Lawrence St)

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