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Best Climbing Gyms For Kids In Denver

8610 E. 21st Ave.

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2485 W. 2nd Ave. Unit 18

1155 W. 5th Ave.

    Best Climbing Gyms For Kids In Denver
    As home to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has great rock climbing options. Climbing is a favorite local pastime for many Coloradans, and there are many climbing gyms in which people can hone their skills. This activity is fun for people of all ages, including kids.

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East Colfax Neighborhood Association shared a...

A C-46 cargo plane from Flying Tigers Lines crashed in the alley between Wabash and Verbena Street at East 17th Ave. on July 30, 1950 a year later B-29 would crash at approximately Quebec and 1st Avenue! The Flying Tiger cargo flight departed from Newark at 13:31, July 29 for a flight to Los Angeles. Stops were to be made at Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Des Moines and Denver. It arrived at Denver at 02:24 without incident. At Denver a crew change took place, cargo was unloaded and additional cargo was added. At 03:22, the flight taxied from the loading ramp as the crew received clearance from the control tower to proceed to the end of runway 12 for take-off. Total aircraft weight was 48,268 pounds, which was 268 pounds more than the mtow. There was a ceiling of broken clouds at 12,000 feet, visibility was 40 miles, the wind was from the south-southeast at five miles per hour, temperature was 59 degrees, and the altimeter setting was 29.96. The published elevation for Stapleton Air Field is 5,325 feet ASL; however the density altitude for Stapleton at that time was computed to have been 6,500 feet. Wind decreased to two miles per hour during the taxi out for takeoff; and in response to the flight's request, the tower approved runway 17 for takeoff. This runway is 6,980 feet long. The crew performed their before takeoff checks and rolled onto the runway for takeoff at 03:29. The aircraft took an excessively long period of time to become airborne. The engines operated normally, developing 45-inch hg. of manifold pressure and 2700 rpm, but airspeed increased slowly. Between 90 and 100 miles per hour, and just before the end of the runway was reached, the aircraft was pulled off the runway as the captain applied back pressure on the control column. The landing gear was retracted and the speed increased to about 100-105 mph. A climb was made to about 100 feet. During the climb, the aircraft shuddered severely. Altitude was lost, and the aircraft struck an obstruction light on the top of a 40-foot electric light pole which was 1,910 feet south of the end of the runway. The aircraft struck three more poles, then touched ground and skidded for 350 feet. The crash landing was made in an alley way of a residential district. In addition to striking the electric light poles, the aircraft knocked down several fences, a small tool shed, and collided into two parked automobiles. No fire occurred. PROBABLE CAUSE: "The sub-normal takeoff performance of the aircraft, the reason for which cannot be determined."

    Kevin McCarthy
    All hell broke loose in the alley way in the 1900 block between Verbena and Willow Streets at 3:30 AM Sunday morning July 30, 1950. A Flying Tiger Lines Curtiss C-46 Commando cargo plane, could not...

Oct 27

Trade Your Halloween Candy For Cash

2373 Central Park Blvd. Suite 305

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2535 S. Lewis Way

6999 W Alaska Drive

3650 E. 1st Ave

    Trade Your Halloween Candy For Cash - Mile High on the Cheap
    If your kids bring home more candy than you want them to eat (again) this trick-or-treat season, consider donating the excess to the Halloween Candy Buy-Back. This is a national program in which children bring Halloween candy to participating dental practices in exchange for cash and prizes, usually a certain amount per pound of candy.

Oct 25

East Colfax Neighborhood Association added an...

This will be our last cleanup of 2017! Thank you all for making it a great year for the cleanups! We will be cleaning Verbena and Wabash streets. Meeting at 11th and Verbena. We would love to see you there!

    Final ECNA Neighborhood Cleanup of 2017 - Wabash and Verbena

Oct 25

  • Traffic Accident

    • 5420

      8300 Block E. 23rd Ave. October 22, 2017 @ 8:38 a.m. Comment

Oct 21

  • Traffic Accident

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