Feb 06

  • Carson Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    Carson WAS a fantastic school until the new principal came in two years ago. She doesn't have the creativity or frankly the experience to ensure the needs are met of all the different tracks within the school community -and she's never taught in the classroom which feels like a huge miss. Additionally, she's an extremely poor communicator who tries to exclude parents from the educational process. She's intimidated by the neighborhood parents who want nothing more to help and support the school - so she keeps them at arm's length. It's extremely sad. It once was a great place. Now, all the classrooms are over crowded and resources are in short supply. The school as the potential to be so much more, but not under the current leadership. Thankfully, the teachers are fantastic and power through despite the circumstances.

    Carson Elementary School (5420 East 1st Avenue) Published on GreatSchools February 5, 2018 Comment

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