Mar 03

  • Bromwell Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    We have been at the school for four years. We have had 3 principals during that time, one being an interim principal. Principal Kohn was kind. She listened to students and took time to really address their concerns. Our current principal is a new administrator and it shows in his overall experience of how he handles different issues. There is a lot of potential for making Bromwell what it once was as a blue school. It has fallen in the past years to a green rated school. I believe this is because of transitioning leadership.

    Bromwell Elementary School (2500 E. 4th Ave.) Published on GreatSchools March 2, 2018 Comment

Feb 03

  • Bromwell Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    I'm writing this review after a few friends have asked my current thoughts about the school, especially considering some negative perceptions and concerns about Bromwell over the past 5-10 years. This is our third year at Bromwell, and our children happily go to school, enjoy being there, and are progressing socially as well as academically. The staff is creative, enthusiastic, and communicative, while being open to suggestions, support, and requests. The after-school enrichment opportunities are endless, and specials included in each day insure that our children can pursue and grow interests outside of your typical academics. I also believe the elementary education is a particularly important time for social and emotional growth, and I'm happy with the support and progress made in these areas as well. I definitely recommend Bromwell as a solid place for your child's all-around education.

    Bromwell Elementary School (2500 E. 4th Ave.) Published on GreatSchools February 2, 2018 Comment

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